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Inspector's Review
We aim to deliver a high quality decision at the earliest opportunity. Our staff will deliver the following customer service standards.
  • Where an application is made for an urgent need such as food or fuel, in 95% of cases, we aim to issue a decision within 24 hours of the case being received in this office.
  • In 95% of cases for other needs we aim to issue a decision within 12 days of the application being received in this office.
  • Where we need to make further enquires we aim to issue a decision, in 90% of cases, within 23 days of the application being received in this office.
Telephone cover is provided during IRS opening hours of 9 am to 4 30 pm. Outside these hours we operate an answer phone system. Click here to be taken to the Contact Us section of the website for details of our freephone numbers.

Where a customer makes a complaint, the Customer Service Team aim to deal with it as quickly as possible, balanced with the need to investigate the complaint thoroughly.
  • For urgent cases this is usually within 24hours.
  • For straight forward complaints you should expect a reply within eight days.
  • However, where further investigations are needed or your enquiry is complex, a reply can take up to 30 days.
If this is the case the Customer Service Team will let you know.

If you are unhappy with your decision or the level of service we have provided you can contact our customer service team.

To see how we are performing against these targets click here