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IRS Quality Standards for the Review
We will deliver Inspectors' reviews that are independent, impartial, fair and legally sound. In each case we will work to increase the applicant's ability to understand and participate fully and effectively in their review.

To achieve this, the review will meet the following quality standards.

Before the decision is made the Inspector will:
  • Examine thoroughly all the evidence presented to decide the key issues, establish the relevant facts and identify all necessary enquiries;
  • Ask the right questions, in the right way, to enable all the relevant facts to be established; and
  • Deliver the information to the applicant in such a way that clarifies the key issues the Inspector has to decide, the facts he already knows about those issues and the information he still needs.
In making the decision the Inspector will:
  • Take full account of the relevant information provided in the case and reflect that in the decision;
  • Correctly interpret and apply the law, including the Secretary of State's directions;
  • Ensure the rules of natural justice are met: that the applicant knows the case he must answer and has been given a fair opportunity to put his own case; and that there has been no bias;
  • Reach an outcome that is reasonable and is right in all the circumstances of the case;
  • Tailor each letter and decision to the case ensuring, in particular, that the applicant's level of understanding is respected;
  • Explain the law clearly, in a way the applicant can understand, avoiding legal terminology wherever possible; and
  • Apply the relevant Commissioner's Advice to Inspectors.
In doing this we will deliver the review:
  • Promptly and within published Customer Service Standards; and
  • In the most cost effective way, delivering value for money.