Independent Review Service
 for the Social Fund
  Purpose, Values and   Objectives   

About Us  

Purpose, Values and Objectives
Business Purpose
To deliver independent reviews of discretionary Social Fund decisions, providing a high quality and accessible service to all.

Business Objectives
  • deliver impartial decisions to published standards;

  • make continuous improvements in the standard of our work, and in doing so, seek and take into account the views of our users;

  • provide advice and information to the public, their advisers and staff of the Department for Work and Pensions about the Social Fund, the role of the IRS and the right of applicants to seek an independent Social Fund review;

  • provide advice and information to the Secretary of State, his officials, Jobcentre Plus and The Pension Service about operational performance and Social Fund policy;

  • contribute to research to help improve the operation and development of the Social Fund and its role in wider government objectives; and

  • employ our business resources in a way that maximises economy, efficiency and effectiveness

Business Values
Our business values, which we set out below, are the foundation of our approach to work. These values will guide staff in the delivery of their work and will help them to recognise the contribution they make. We will:
  • provide an open and accessible service to all customers;
  • treat all customers, service users and colleagues with respect and courtesy;
  • respect and accept the differences in others and work together as an organisation to build a diverse workforce
  • strive to improve standards for customers and to increase the efficiency of our work;
  • be open to learning in our work and use this to make improvements to the service we give; and
  • deliver the best service for the customer and balance fairly the needs of our staff.