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Training and Support
The Independent Review Service provides a range of free training and support, to welfare rights groups, Jobcentre Plus staff and others.

These include:

Workshops at Your Place of Business
These are free workshops on a range of Social Fund subjects. These are usually half day or full day sessions, but can be tailored to your requirements. All we ask is for you to provide a venue and a number of attendees. If you are a small organisation, you could consider teaming up with another organisation to co-host the session. These workshops are available to welfare rights groups and also to Jobcentre Plus or Pension Service employees. Click on the link on the left for full details and booking information

Self-Instruction Packages
These allow you to work through a training package at your own time and pace - ideal for individuals where workshops are not practical. Click on the link on the left to be taken to the list of available packages. You can download these or request them to be posted to you. There is no charge for these packages.

Social Fund Commissioner's Advice
The Social Fund Commissioner issues advice on how to interpret and apply the main Social Fund Directions. This advice, as used by IRS Inspectors, is available free of charge from this website. Click on the link on the left to download the advice and the support notes.
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