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Visually Impaired
If you have a visual impairment and have difficulty reading the information about your review, we can either send you copies of the most important documents in large type or Braille.

These documents will be:
  • Important information about your case;
  • Leaflet IRS4 "The Inspector's Review";
  • The Inspector's decision letter;
  • Leaflet IRS3 "Customer Services"
Changing letters or leaflets into large type or Braille may take longer to deal with your application than our published review service standards.

Rather than contact us in writing you may wish to reply to letters we send you by phone. We have a number of freephone lines:

For general enquiries or replies:

(between 9:00 and 16:30)

For enquiries or complaints about our service or the Inspector's decision:

(between 9:00 and 16:30).

If you have an enquiry or complaint about the Inspector's decision or service you have received, we can also arrange for our Customer Service Team to reply to you in large type or Braille.

You can contact us for further information about our Braille services on